I had a GREAT lesson today with Ray. He really knows what he’s doing!! I could have shot 50,000 practice targets and never figured out what he showed me in 2 hours. I just wish I would have asked for his help sooner. It would have saved me a lot of missed targets. Ray thanks again for your help. You are a real pro!!

T. Dillon
Master Class Competitor
So. Calif.

“Working with Ray Brown is easy, informative, and his techniques work.  Not all great shooters are great teachers… Ray is both.

– Adam P.  Utah

“Ray has been a great coach for me.  He works hard at it and identified my issue with eye dominance. My shooting has steadily improved while working with him.  I was shooting middle of the pack in B class and now I just moved into AA

– Eric J.  San Clemente, CA

“I started training with Ray Brown in 2013 because, after a dismal charity shoot, I wanted to learn to hit chandelle targets.  As a strictly recreational shooter, training with Ray has taken me from a Senior Veteran E class shooter to a Senior Veteran Master class shooter in 2 ½ years.  I wish I had more time to practice as I know with practice and Ray’s patient training I could be better still.

– John T.  Newport Beach, CA

“If I have difficulty teaching or shooting, I call on Ray Brown!

I have been a certified instructor since 1999, and have been a Master Class shooter, for most of my Sporting Clays days.

I have taken lessons from 8 different instructors, over 20 years. (Only Ray for the last 8 years.) Ray’s teaching ability and knowledge and skills are equal to or better than anyone out there.  His ability to identify problems and extensive knowledge of how to fix them, is extraordinary.  His easy-going manner is a pleasure to work with.  From a new shooter to an experienced and winning shooter, Ray is a coach you can depend on.  I DO!

– Neal J.  Las Vegas, NV

Ray is a consummate teacher – providing customized sessions for each student. You’ll receive NO canned lesson plans from Ray. He takes the time to learn and understand your abilities, your goals and your approach to shooting. His communication style is straight forward, clear and concise – easy to follow and incorporate in improving one’s shooting skills. If you’re like me, you will find each session ends with you ready to put new understandings, and skills into action. Ray took me from C class to Master class in 18 months.

– Randy S. Texas

“I have been an avid shooting enthusiast for over 40 Years and am constantly trying to improve my skill level. I decided to find the perfect instructor who could help me. I researched many shooting instructors at Triple B Clays but none had the qualifications or knowledge that I was seeking until I found out about Ray Brown.

Ray has a true passion for teaching and making you the very best you can be.  In my case, I was doing everything wrong. Ray has the ability to break your skills down in a good way and build them up in a better way. He listens and structures his classes around the technical and shooting applications. He provides you with a total understanding of what’s needed to improve. Ray has the unique quality of being able to communicate to all age groups.

The triangle methods Ray teaches are absolutely the best way to improve your skill set. Since taking lessons from Ray, I have gained confidence in shooting stations that I would never have had in the past. Without a doubt, learning with Ray has been the very best shooting experience I have ever had.  You owe it to yourself to contact Ray and start the journey of the triangle shooting method.”
– Jim U.  Los Angeles, CA

“Where to begin for what you did for me this weekend, I will always be grateful…like I said it was the best squad I have ever participated in, and it paid off.

Having you on the squad, to learn from, to watch, and most of all to have you there to get me calmed down, was priceless. I will always be grateful. I feel like the instruction, and hard work, might just be coming together for me, and as far as the mental stuff, it looks like it will be a hurdle, but I am going to give it my best. I will try and apply some of the techniques that you told me, and see where that takes me. 

It made me feel so good when, you said that you wanted to stay for all of your students, that must be such a great feeling for you, and it made my heart warm…like I said to Brad G. “our coach rocks”. Seeing the fruits of your labor pay off is a great way for us to give back to you, for the help we are gaining.

Thanks again…today I am literally “spent”, but the personal achievement for me was truly worth all of the emotion that it took. Last night as I said my prayers, and counted my blessings, I counted you a few times. Feeling so blessed that you are a part of my life.”
– Patty M. Temecula, CA


“You earn your trophies at practice. You just pick them up at competitions.”