About Ray Brown

Being well versed in many different methods and styles, Ray Brown is a competitive Master Class shooter, a PSCA (Professional Sporting Clays Association) Pro Shooter and NSCA (National Sporting Clays Association) Level III Instructor. There are only 65 Level III Instructors throughout the U.S. Having been personally trained by Olympic Medalist Dan Carlisle, Ray is a Master Shooting Instructor at both the Carlisle Academy and Grand Prairie Educational Shooting Clinics at Delta Resort in Arkansas. Ray has taken many competition shooters all the way to Master Class and taught non-shooters how to wing shoot and enjoy all it has to offer.

With over 20 years and 10,000+ hours of teaching experience, Ray is an expert in communicating shotgun shooting methodology, reading body language and problem-solving. Whether you are an intermediate shooter wanting to improve or a seasoned veteran that is looking for that competitive edge, Ray can help get you there.

Highlights of Accomplishments

  • 2023 Target Setter for US Open
  • 2022 Target Setter for Western Regional Championship
  • 2021 Target Setter for Arizona State Championship
  • 2020 World Fitasc Main Event – Veteran World Champion
  • 2020 World Fitasc – Prelim – SuperVet RU
  • 2020 World Fitasc – Providence Cup – SuperVet RU
  • 2020 Western Regional – Main Event – SuperVet Champion
  • 2020 Ducks Unlimited Continental – Main Event – HOA
  • 2020 World Super Sporting – Main Event – RU
  • 2020 USA Sporting Clays Team – SuperVet Sporting
  • 2020 USA Sporting Clays Team – SuperVet FITASC
  • Fiocchi Pro Staff sponsored shooter (Fiocchi Ammunition)
  • 2018 PSCA (Professional Sporting Clays Association) Pro Shooter
  • 2017 USA Sporting Clays Team – Veteran
  • 2015 USA Sporting Clays Team – Veteran
  • 14-time All American &/or Veteran All-American
  • 6-time FITASC All-American
  • 3-time NSCA Zone 7/All-Region Team
  • 4-time Sub-Gauge All-American
  • 2018 Nationals – Kreighoff Kup Veteran Champion
  • 2018 Nationals – Fitasc Veteran RU
  • 2017 PSCA Senior Champion for Tour Stop #4
  • 2017 World English Veteran Team Gold Medal
  • 2017 World English Vet 5th
  • 2017 Kachina Open RU & Vet Champion
  • 2016 Veteran RU National Champion
  • 2016 California State FITASC RU
  • 2016 Arizona State FITASC Veteran RU
  • 2016 Arizona State 5-Stand RU & Vet Champion
  • 2014 Northeast Regionals Veteran Champion
  • 2014 Western Regional FITASC Open RU & Vet Champion
  • 2010 Small Gauge HOA Vet National Champion
RAY’S Equipment

“You earn your trophies at practice. You just pick them up at competitions.”